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About Five Star Roundup

Every Tuesday/Wednesday, Five Star Roundup hosts a collection of links to superior blog entries from all genres that have been nominated by the people, for the people. Send me a link using the form on this page, and if you are ever in need of good blog reading, this is the place to be!

Submission Guidelines: see Things To Note Before You Nominate below the form.

Submission Guidelines

  • The blog post in question must be well-written.
    If it doesn't meet adequate levels of competency for grammar, spelling, and coherency, it will not be considered. Check out 9 Building Blocks of Good Writing for more details.
  • Not all submissions will be featured.
    Your submission is a nomination only and is subject to editorial approval. It will only be included if it is of Five Star Roundup's higher calibre with regard to spelling, grammar, and general interestingness. If there are a great many good weblog entries submitted in a given week, some entries may be excluded due to over-abundance.
  • Only nominate ONE entry url per weblog.
    Be discerning and choose only one entry from any given weblog. Multiple entries or a link to an entire weblog will not be featured.
  • Do not submit your own writing.
    All known self-submissions will be ignored.
  • This is not a review blog.
    If an entry is not featured, it is at my editorial discretion. No explanation will be given.
  • The weblog entry's age does not matter.
    I am asking for quality over chronology.
  • All nominations will be treated as anonymous.
    I do not track which entries were submitted by which individuals.
  • Sponsored content and entries with in-content ads will not be featured.
    The author of a sponsored blog entry has hopefully been fairly compensated for their promotion. Five Star Roundup has not, and we are not interested in spreading advertorial messaging.
  • Awful design features that make a blog entry difficult to read mean the blog entry will remain unread.
    Using a script font for the body of a post, microscopic font sizes, and white text on a dark background with a longer blog entry make content undesirable no matter how good the actual content might be.
  • Any submissions that promote hate or are visually pornographic will not be accepted.
    Enough said.