Winter Wounds My Emotional Heart, But I Don't Have to Let It Hurt My Physical One, Too

Fall creeps into winter, and then winter burrows inside my chest and steals my will. It's pretty much that simple. This year, though, I have made the most concerted effort of my life to maintain some semblance of joy. I have upped my intake of certain supplements, I've been using my SAD light on the regular, and I've been trying to sleep on a nightly basis, but I haven't been moving my body around much, and that was one of my original goals to keep myself sane this winter.

A close relative of mine recently had heart trouble. It was age-related and minor in the end, but it was a frightening several days that made me think about how the health I will have when I am in my 70s is largely dependent on the health I build up and maintain now. I'm not a fan of winter weather, and it's hard to get motivated at the best of times, especially when I'm revolted at the thought of going to a gym where other people sweat and have feet, but I need to move more. It will help with my happiness, a more whole sense of well-being, and a longer life lived well.

Look at me wanting to be alive in January! The wonders are unceasing.

So, I made a flash decision based on an Amazon suggestion I saw while I was shopping for cookie butter, and I bought this:

It's an exercise bike! At least it is now, but it wasn't a few hours ago.

Onion thought we had bought the best box ever.

I thought these instructions for putting together what was in the best box ever were not the best ever. I mean, really. They were a bit daunting.

I have to admit, though, that I'm the kind of person who loves putting IKEA furniture together. Give me some wood pieces, a bag of assorted hardware, and an Allen wrench, and I turn into one happy human.

After I convinced the kitties to quit stealing all of the far-too-many parts, it actually didn't take too long to put together. I managed to get the whole thing into a solid machine with no leftover or broken parts within an hour, and it worked! It even told me that my resting heart rate (67 bpm) wasn't horrific.

I gave it a test run, and at its most difficult setting, it's not that terribly hard, but it's enough to get my heart rate up, and the thing seems surprisingly well built for its cheap price. 

This isn't an ad, by the way, but it seems strange not to mention what this is: it's an Exerpeutic 1200, and it cost me all of about $170. For a first foray into home exercise equipment, it seems like a decent choice, and it has wheels so I can drag it into storage when I want to do some guilt-free cookie butter shopping, which I will, because eating cookie butter is one of my life goals.

Of course, I can't change my sedentary life overnight, so I'm admiring the bike from my chair right now and toasting it with cheesecake. 

Everything in moderation, you know. My mother always told me that it's the mature way to live.