We're Not Alone. We Have Each Other. We've Got This.

My world, and the world in general, has lost too many beautiful people to depression, addiction, and suicide, so this little kid wisdom I overheard on the plane has to be shared.

A little boy on my last flight said to his mother, "I'm scared when I'm up high on the ground, like at the playground, but I'm not scared when I'm up high off the ground in a plane. Want to know why?"


"Because when I'm up high on the ground it's just me, but when I'm up high in a plane, I can trust the pilot. He wants us all to live."

It's amazing how much confidence and power we have when we have each other. Even that little kid knows it's better when he doesn't have to do it alone. I don't necessarily have to know you, or you me, for us to trust each other and carry each other through otherwise scary situations.

I can trust the pilot. I trusted the woman who helped me find my lost phone after we landed. I've trusted strangers on hotlines. I've trusted you.

We've got this.

If you need to talk to someone or can't see another way out: