Vaccines Are Cool, and Everyone Cool Knows It

Friends, go get your flu shots. Get them sooner than later.

a black and white photo of a friend obscured through a cube of jello at Hachi Sushi

I may or may not have the flu right now, which makes me regret not having gotten the flu shot yet. Even if this does turn out to be a flu, I will still go out and get the flu shot once I’m healthy, because there are many flus, and why not get a little insurance.

But the flu shot was hardly effective last year, you say.

You’re right, it was only 30% effective, but this year it’s projected to be 60% effective, and considering that about 2000 people die of the flu every year in Canada alone, and considering that I have known TWO people under 35 who died from the flu, and considering that it could mean you won’t go around infecting babies and old people with a flu that could kill them, it’s worth it, I say.

But I get a flu every year, anyway, you say.

Look, I say, stop being ridiculous. There are many flus, they mutate, and for more reasons they can’t create 100% effective vaccines for every flu that mutates itself into existence every year, so that ONE flu you get is not a sign that the vaccine you got or the vaccine someone else got didn’t save you from a potentially deadly illness.

You say, but what about mercury…

I’m going to stomp on your foot just so you stop arguing in favour of more of the flu for everyone, I say, I mean it. Go get your damn flu shot. Some baby who is three weeks old won’t know it, and you won’t either, but your flu shot will give that kid a chance to make it to her first birthday, so just be considerate when it comes to ensuring you don’t walk around killing people by just breathing, okay?

I think vaccines are cool, and you do, too, or at least you will, so I’m turning off the comments in case you haven’t figured out what’s good for everyone yet.

And here’s hoping I’m just short-term gross and not actually hosting the flu, because the flu is terrible, and I have plans to go see Die Hard on a giant IMAX screen this week. Cheers.

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