Unrelated Things About Me Today

I ate chia seeds with coconut yogurt, and then I had a smoothie with spirulina in it, and I felt superior.

I wrote a poem about feeling the spring air between my toes when I was nine.

I bought an avocado this afternoon. I spent a long time picking it out, because avocados are deceitful and go from hard to rot and ruin in five minutes. I spent long enough at it that I started to feel like I might be the creepy person in the store. Judging by the looks I was getting from the other guy in produce, I was. I put old bananas in my basket just to look purposeful.

caramel heart

About two months ago, I lost my lifelong ability to make a decent cup of coffee. As someone who once took written exams about coffee, this is confounding. It's a disconcerting defeat.

I have secret fights with people. I don't tell the other person about it. I just make stuff up about how they did something that made me really mad, and then I get really mad about that fake thing they didn't really do, and then I go through stages of anger and grief and acceptance until I forgive them, and then we're friends again, and the other person is none the wiser. It's therapeutic. 

Aidan and I share all our socks. We buy a bunch, throw them in a drawer and use them until we need more. Now we are at a point where our drawer is full of single socks that don't perfectly match any of the others, and it is terrible, because now my feet never feel exactly the same as each other in my shoes, and it makes the world feel chaotic and dangerous. 

me and a Mountie

I made jokes to the driver throughout a lengthy cab ride today, only my jokes were bad and his English was minimal, so he never laughed. When he dropped me off, he said I spoke more than everyone.

I've always wanted one of those institutional school toilets, the ones that are white porcelain with a heavy black seat, but it seems like a stupid thing to ask for as a Christmas present.

I haven't been making toast lately, even though I love toast, because I'm afraid of the toaster this week.


The sun that comes earlier every morning as winter winds down feels like love coming through the window, and I get up earlier now just to look at it.