I Have Two New Pairs of Glasses, but You'd Never Know It

I really, truly thought I ordered two pairs of very different glasses.

I had to get new glasses, because I went to the optometrist for the first time in three years and found out I was blinder than ever before. I knew I must be, because I hadn't seen a crisp edge on anything in ages. As a person who builds websites, this has turned into a chronic string of headaches accompanied by migraine aura. Trying to design anything while peering through jagged disco ball stripes is a little challenging.

Like I said, though, I truly thought I had ordered two very different sets of frames, but it turned out that they were both thick, matte black, plastic glasses when they arrived. Sure, one pair is more square and the other is more round, but I think I've proved something to myself: I have a style, and I know what I like. I want to think of myself as someone who can pull off a wardrobe of wildly different glasses, but I have a long history of subtle variations on this one theme going back for over a decade now.

So, when you see me, just pretend these new pairs are great step forward, because I'm still going to pretend a while longer. Or maybe I can spring for a third pair in colour, like some chunky rhinestone affairs.

Give me a wig and I could probably pull of a mean Dame Edna.

I ordered my glasses through Clearly.ca. This is not a sponsored post, but I do get referral money if you order from the site through that link :)