I Went to a Play, Denied Cats Tuna, and Took Night Photos of Aidan Taking Night Photos

Aidan and I went to see the opening night of the Golden Apple Theatre's Venus In Fur with Amy Matysio and Daniel Arnold at the Artesian on 13th.

My shameful secret is that it is very difficult for me to enjoy live theatre. I can feel myself slipping into the skin of the actors, and if they behave as though they have any awareness of being watched, I become all too aware of my watching and our false interplay of pretended ignorance. Basically, my suspension of disbelief tanks, and I feel terrible that we all have to play act story belief. It's icky and shameful.

I think I've been subjected to too much bad theatre.

Venus In Fur, though? It is fantastic. My disbelief was suspended! It had twists. It was sexy. It was fun. It even had violent tension. I would see it again, and I mean that. Venus In Fur saved me from a life of theatre hate.

If you're in Regina or nearby, Venus In Fur is running at the Artesian on 13th until March 22nd. If you, like me, have been burned by bad theatre, this is your cure. Go!

the lounge at the Artesian on 13th

Earlier, Onion and Oskar tried to guilt me into feeding them spicy Thai chili tuna, which didn't happen, because my cats + hot peppers = death litter. Also? That toy mouse in the upper right of the photo is jam packed with catnip. What is wrong with them? I would cuddle up with the drug mouse over tinned tuna any day.

I guess that's why I'm the sober human with addiction problems and they're the cats with a hankering for fish.

Onion and Oskar beg for tuna

After the play, Aidan and I walked home through night air lit up with sparkling ice crystals and took photos of an old, lit-up truck instead, because have you ever tried to take photos of ice crystals suspended in the air at night? Cameras have a hard time documenting tiny, frozen light sparkles.

Aidan and the lit-up car

And you?