This Is What Happens When I Try to Talk to Aidan While He Is Obsessed With The Powder Blues Band


ME: "Doin' It Right" is stuck in my head now. What is it with you and The Powder Blues Band lately? 

AIDAN: Well, that is an interesting question, because it is rumoured that bands other than The Powder Blues Band have also done it right on the wrong side of town, but that's not true, because, under closer inspection, other bands making this claim have always either done it right close to the wrong side of town but still on the right side, or they've done it on the wrong side of town but have done it incorrectly, which means they've done it wrong on the wrong side of town, so, under no circumstances, has another band done it both right and on the wrong side of town.

ME: That is the stupidest sentence I've ever heard you say.

AIDAN: And, yet, it was still an actual sentence.