This Is What 6:07pm Looks Like In Saskatchewan In Late November

This is what 6:07pm looks like in Saskatchewan in late November:


I’ve been using my NatureBright SunTouch Plus light therapy lamp, taking extra vitamin D, and going for walks when I can, but DUDE, LOOK AT THE DARKNESS.

One thing I did do for myself as I faced down this oncoming freight train of a void is I sprung for a deep-freeze weather winter coat, earmuffs, a lined toque, good mittens, and a pair of winter boots with lug soles, because over the last couple of winters I let the cold weather lock me inside my home, and that is fully ridiculous. Going out for a walk in all my layers is so good, because, when it’s not night, Saskatchewan is mostly sunny, and blue sky is blue sky whether it’s 40°C/104°F or -40°C/-40°F. If you’re not from here, going outside in -40 sounds like madness, but a few years ago in January it hit -56°C/-69°F, and I still went out to get cream for my coffee, because I still needed to enjoy one thing in life even if it meant enduring the same temperature as the surface on Mars.

It’s not nearly that cold now — it’s just a touch below freezing — so I’m just doing some anticipatory complaining. I try to start looking down the barrel of January early to help soften the blow.

This new going-outside-and-walking thing that I’ve developed an affinity for is like Stockholm Syndrome, only it’s with the weather, but, really, it’s the only way to be. Otherwise, I would have to be more annoyed at my toque hair than I am:


Who am I kidding? I think toque hair is cute.

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