Things I Have Found In My Brassiere

  1. Cookie bits, just now, and they were warm and delicious.
  2. Money, which I am sure I didn't put there myself. I have no recollection of accepting donations, though, so maybe my right breast was freelancing on the side.
  3. Another bra. This is what happens when you get dressed in the dark while half asleep and late for work. It is very confusing later when you have to keep peeling yourself like an onion.
  4. A large beetle about the size of a nickel. I remember thinking why does my nipple feel so funny? just before I reached into my bra to see what was up. After that, everything devolved into denial, horror, chaos, and then blackness broken up by snapshots of that giant insect scuttling away under the bed. Gahaughhhhh.
  5. My butt!

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