I'm Testing Out the 645 PRO Mk III iPhone Camera App

click image to enlarge

I'm just testing out the 645 PRO Mk III iPhone camera app. The experience is as close to using a non-phone camera as I've found. This app has, among other things:

  • manual exposure control and automatic exposure with a choice of spot or matrix metering
  • semi-automatic shutter priority and ISO priority, both of which include ±3 exposure value compensation
  • automatic white balance, a selection of white balance presets, and the ability to create and save a custom white balance
  • manual focus override and focus-peaking
  • real-time exposure metering, ISO and shutter-speed readings, exposure values, GPS data, and a choice of histograms
  • shutter release button behaviour configuration
  • shoot unprocessed or in Film Mode, which are modes inspired by film stock from the 1960s to present day
  • 7 size formats
  • images can be saved as high-quality jpegs or as TIFFs

Here's what it looks like when you're shooting:

 645 PRO Mk III interface

645 PRO Mk III interface

So far, with my limited experimentation, I'm liking it. Just click on the kitty photo to enlarge it and take a look at the clarity of Onion's ear hair! You never knew you'd want to marvel at the clarity of ear hair, but you do.

I think this is going to be my go-to camera for the next while so I can have a chance to play with more of its abilities. It's definitely worth the $4.59 price on it. Whee!