The 343rd Five Star Mixtape Is Brought to You By Val McDermid

The 343rd Five Star Mixtape Is Brought to You By Val McDermid

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by being seen as criminal for no other reason than colour, literature and intersectional oppression, the circle of life, the surprise of change, the stickiness of cancer, a celebrity crush, autism, and Val McDermid:

by Fenris Oswin [ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 ],  via Flickr

by Fenris Oswin [CC BY-NC-ND 2.0], via Flickr

It's not magic that takes us to another world — it's storytelling.
— Val McDermid —

Happy reading!

"I Fit the Description…" by Steve Locke at Art and Everything After:

“You fit the description so we just have to check it out.”  The first cop returned and handed me my license.

“We have the victim and we need her to take a look at you to see if you are the person.”

It was at this moment that I knew that I was probably going to die.

"On Pandering, White Women as Scapegoats, and the Literary Industry as a Hand-Me-Down" by Aya de Leon at Aya de Leon:

From the earliest days of this nation white women have been put on pedestals, yet infantilized. They have been victims of violence, yet used as the justification for violence. They have been held down by the system, yet privileged by the system. They have threatened the system and fought to keep it alive, serving as the handmaidens and henchwomen of the patriarchy. This role has sometimes been so subtle for white women that they didn’t even realize they were playing it–like Vaye Watkins.

"Living the Dream" by Brenda Keesal at Burns the Fire:

I am way past believing death is unjust.

Love endures.

"Like Water Through a Mountain" by Vikki Reich at Medium:

That day, as I stared at the tub, I thought about all we know about water and the way it can cut through a mountain in time, mapping its own course to an unknown end.

"Sailing the Waves of Cancer: Living With a Disease That Won't Let Go" by Betsy Hnath at The Manifest-Station:

I can tell them what I know from experience: that this is the worst of it, this first part. Shifting uncomfortably in scratchy, paper gowns as you wait in sterile, silent exam rooms; the inability to get the smell of hand sanitizer out of your nose; shaking hands with one doctor after another as he or she flips through your life, which has been neatly assembled onto a clipboard.

"If Tilda Swinton Were Your Girlfriend" by Jenny Carlson and Breanna Rollings at The Toast:

If Tilda Swinton were your girlfriend, you’d spend weeks planning Christmas pantomimes for her with the rest of the family, although you’d usually get stuck painting John Byrne’s elaborate set pieces when Honor and Xavier wander off to fence in the garden. You wouldn’t care, though, because Tilda never looks more beautiful than she does when she claps her hands with delight, noting how well you shaded the winter lindens, just so.

"Is Everyone 'a Little Autistic'?" by Sparrow Rose Jones at Unstrange Mind:

Since everyone has felt anxious at some point and everyone has felt overloaded with stress and everyone has “lost their shit” at one point or another, some people get mixed up and decide that sharing such a common experience as a stress and anxiety meltdown means that they are “a little autistic” too. But that is not true and it is a diminishing thing to say, particularly to Autistic people.

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