The 338th Five Star Mixtape Is Brought to You By Henning Mankell

This week's Five Star Mixtape great blog roundup is brought to you by ableism, the myth of virginity's power, ongoing colonization, the loss of Grantland, tips for dealing with online harassment, and Henning Mankell:

by Vogler (own work) [ CC BY 3.0 ],  via Wikimedia Commons

by Vogler (own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Have I ever written anything that has really changed something? What I believe is that you can't change anything without using art. I believe that the drops wear away the stone. I try to be part of that army.
— Henning Mankell —

Happy reading!

"Don't You Dare 'Just Say Hi'" by Ashley Harris at Barbie Feet:

Let me repeat that: I live in a world where people must be TAUGHT how to speak to me.

Because I am too foreign, scary, attention getting, and uncomfortable to naturally be approached. I am ET, an alien. I am inhuman. My very presence is so jarring to other human beings that they need a special instruction on just how to communicate with me.

"The Thing About Your Daughter’s Virginity…" by Ashley Simpo at Medium's Those People:

…women are taught their their bodies exist because men exist. That their sexuality should be controlled by what men think and feel. Their fathers or male protectors will guard it, their political officials will regulate it and the boys they choose to lay with will determine its importance.

"Dear White People/Queridos Gringos: You Want Our Culture But You Don’t Want Us – Stop Colonizing The Day Of The Dead" by Aya de Leon at Aya de Leon:

Like the Pilgrims, you have begun to take over, to gentrify and colonize this holiday for yourselves. I was shocked this year to find Day of the Dead events in my native Oakland Bay Area not only that were not organized by Chican@s or Mexican@s or Latin@s, but events with zero Latin@ artists participating, involved, consulted, paid, recognized, acknowledged, prayed with.

"Grantland" by Bob Lefsetz at The Lefsetz Letter:

Never heed the press. Don’t even heed the shareholders. Smart people know that controversy fades, if you listen to your critics, you’re toast.

"So, you’re getting harassed on the Internet. What do you do now?" by Deanna Zandt at Medium:

The past year or so has seen an incredible intense ramp-up around online harassment and abuse. It’s as if everyone who ever had a sadistic digital thought ever looked at the #gamergate mess and said, “Yeah! That’s what I want to do!” Many people feel helpless in the face of such attacks. But there ARE things you can do, right now, to protect yourself. Read on.

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