Taking Stock: A List About What I'm Up to In November

Taking Stock: A List About What I'm Up to In November

I'm borrowing this Taking Stock blog post idea from Vikki, who borrowed it from Laurie, who borrowed it from Pip.

Making: little crochet mice like this one and this one.

Cooking: does toasting Montreal bagels and liberally slathering them in Cheez Whiz count?

Drinking: liters and laters of diet Coke. I've been going out in the evening more lately, and while everyone else drinks beer and wine, I stick to my 8+ years of sobriety. I have to think of something better to drink than diet Coke, though. I feel like my internal organs might appreciate that. Tea might do it.

Reading: I've been picking through some of W.S. Merwin's poetry. Here's the latest one I read: "Is That What You Are".

Wanting: I very much want a pair of AirPods, Apple's wireless earphones. I have particular sensitivities, and half the reason I don't work outside of the house more often is that I cannot handle the cords on earphones, earphones that fit over the ear, or most earphones that fit inside the ear, but Apple's are perfect for me.

Looking: at the glory that is hoar frost on all the trees. It is one of the few things I love about winter, and it's finally here.


Playing: Monument Valley. It is the best for both problem solving and unwrinkling my mind.

Deciding: to write more poetry more often. After posting a poem every day last year, I walked away from it for too long.

Wishing: I were over whatever is blocking my moving forward with publishing a book of poems.

Enjoying: having spent the afternoon seeing so many of my oldest relatives at my grandmother's 90th birthday. I come from so many kind and funny people.

Waiting: to get back to my kitties. I was ready to leave them for a weekend, but I always miss them an hour after I go.

Liking: listening to Aidan snore softly beside me as I type this list.

Wondering: after seeing all my older relatives, how the rest of my hopefully long life will unfold. If I live as long as some of the women in my family, I have well more than 50 years left.

Loving: bullet journalling, still, ten months in.

Pondering: how to commit more acts of kindness, because my recent irritableness with other people could use a readjustment.

Considering: baking more often, because Aidan does almost all of the cooking, and I'd like to learn how to make good food on purpose.

Buying: more books than I'm reading.

Watching: Big Mouth, Stranger Things second season, and Broad City.

Hoping: that I manage to find time to dig into a book on CSS animation soon, because I want to find time to get to play around with that.

Marvelling: at the way hoar frost transforms a city street into a magical wonderworld I could write fantasy novels about.

Cringing: at an older male relative's position that women out sexual abusers to gain fame and power.

Needing: to touch people more.

Questioning: the continuing value of joking about my being misanthropic.

Smelling: farts.

Wearing: a t-shirt and underwear while wrapped in homemade quilt.

Following: the On Being with Krista Tippett podcast. It "takes up the big questions of meaning with scientists and theologians, artists and teachers", and I am never disappointed.

Noticing: that choosing an internal narrative shift can create monumental external change.

Knowing: I married well.

Thinking: it's remarkable that I can still find Aidan's snoring endearing 16.5 years into this marriage gig.

Admiring: Addye Nieves' work as an artist. She pursues it with focus and courage, and I love that she lets me talk to her on the internet.

Sorting: the layout of our various rooms at home. My office space needs to move, which means so does most everything else.

Getting: hungry thinking about cakes again. I have a problem.

Bookmarking: sites that sell quality clothing basics in evergreen styles for when I have money to replace some older items in my closet. So far I have my eye on AritziaUniversal Standard, and Everlane.

Coveting: Cydwoq shoes.

Disliking: this giant, bulbous zit right on the end of my nose.

Opening: a new book and smelling its new book smell.

Giggling: because of my fart answer earlier.

Feeling: pretty darn happy that I get to sleep in and then go book shopping in the morning.

Snacking: on banana creme cookies, which I thought I'd hate but have become a new favourite.

Hearing: Patrick Watson's album, Wooden Arms.

I am publishing a post every day in November for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).

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#GraceInSmallThings 1053: Unseasonable Warmth, a 90th Birthday, a New Purple, Cheese, and Hoar Frost

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