Succulent Saturday? Sure, why not.

I bought several different kinds of succulents about a week ago, shoved them into a corner of the dining room, and then promptly forgot about them. Thankfully, I remembered them before they all died like the last two I brought home.

I know. I am a monster.


You'll notice that the largest pot is missing most of one side. It was originally supposed to be a gift to me from Aidan this summer, but it broke on the way home. I thought it was too pretty to throw away, and I'm glad I kept it, because these succulents jumped out at me from a shelf at Gale's Florist and told me they needed to live in it.

Now I just need to figure out how to keep these little beings alive. I still remember the spider plant I allowed to die from neglect in 1995. Long may it be remembered.