Shooting, Melting Snow, Cat Naps, Bathing, and Drowning

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I spent the weekend neck deep in client work, but I managed to come up for air a couple of times to stop staring at screens and keep my eyes from getting the wobbles. At least for the most part. Can we pretend that shooting 53 photos with my iPhone doesn't count?

Aidan shooting me

You may look at the following picture and think about things like "snow" and "winter", but around these parts, we recognize that this is softer snow with clear signs of melt, and it makes me think about things like "sanity" and "signs of life" and "now I can put my tinfoil hat away".

I even walked to the store without mittens, and I still have all my fingers. I'm calling it balmy. Hallelujah.

soft snow in warmer weather

I was even kind enough to myself to take Onion up on one of his naps. I will never tire of his feet.


I also took a dangerous bath. I usually kick ass at bathing, I really do, and I can do two hours at a stretch without blinking, but this one nearly did me in. I set myself up with the movie Hanna on Netflix, stuck my cup of coffee in the soap rack, and planned on a long, undisturbed soak, but I must have fallen asleep right away, because the last thing I remembered before I found myself inhaling water was the main character gutting a caribou and pulling its entrails out onto the tundra.

From now on. I will only watch funny movies in the bath and make sure don't nearly drown myself in my sleep. Maybe I'll hire a spotter.


Have I ever told you about the two times I really did nearly drown, and would have, if people hadn't pulled me out of the water? I seem to have a problem with this. My lungs are water magnets. This is probably why I don't much care for the ocean.

PS. It turns out that I did write about one of my near drownings. I am much happier about surviving it now than I used to be.