Regina Cat Rescue: For the Love of the Kitties

A heart project of mine is volunteering as a web designer and ongoing tech help for Regina Cat Rescue, formerly known as People for Animals Saskatchewan. 

Once upon a time, with no budget to speak of, Regina Cat Rescue was housed on a webwork of six or seven blogs on Blogger with clunky blocks of HTML and forms and various other documents housed in a number of Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. I helped build this monstrosity with our available resources quite some time ago, knowing that we would eventually have to build a proper site.

It's hard to do good work when tech-wise you're limping along on a patchwork of what has become bandaids and crossed fingers, so I recently moved Regina Cat Rescue from Blogger to Squarespace 6, piecing its various parts together into one coherent site. Deron Staffen designed a new logo for them, and I rearranged their existing template to be more flexible and mobile-friendly. We still have some language, logo, and document location updates to clean up, but Regina Cat Rescue has been effectively rescued!

If you live in or around Regina, Saskatchewan, take a look through Regina Cat Rescue's Cat-A-Logue. I'm not allowed to look at it right now, because I promised Aidan we would stop at three cats, but you can, and the kitties are looking for homes, so it's basically a practice of good humanity. You can also check out Regina Cat Rescue on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest, or you can get involved by making a donation or volunteering.

Who can't love faces like Gretel's up there? Up with kitties! And may Regina Cat Rescue have a long and happy life in its new online home.