Things To Do Right This Minute, Young Lady: A Pre-Mom 2.0 Summit To Do List

A photo from the hotel at Mom 2.0 Summit 2013 in Laguna Niguel. (click to enlarge)

Things To Do Right This Minute, Young Lady:

  1. Cut my hair, because the last cut I gave myself left weird tufts over my ears, and "baby owling" is not a thing, and the people at Mom 2.0 Summit won't buy it, even if I hashtag it and instagram it and try to start a thing on Twitter. #babyowling
  2. Hem my new pants (although, it would be easier to sew the ends shut, and then they could double as slippers. Footie pants!)
  3. Break in my new flats a bit so I don't end up hobbling around on bloody feet.
  4. Call the bank and warn them of my travel plans so my credit card doesn't get shut down part way through my trip.
  5. Be mindful of my well-being, because even drinking water and eating food fall by the wayside at times like this.
  6. Do the laundry. All of it.
  7. Scrape these goat hooves down until they resemble human feet, because my Mom 2.0 roommates, Susan Goldberg and Vikki Reich, don't need to hear the sound of my feet velcroing themselves to the bedsheets at night.
  8. Do piles of client website work, because websites don't self-organize like babies that grow up.
  9. Do piles of volunteer website work for a local organization that saves kitties, because kitties!
  10. Stop fretting about my all-black wardrobe just because social pressure tells me I should look springy and fresh.
  11. Stop constructing unnecessary arguments in my head to justify my black attire by framing "springy and fresh" as "ways that women are turned into infantile objects while men are not", because I can't let the patriarchy crush fun fashion, even if I don't partake of it myself.
  12. Pack my suitcase.
  13. Write a post for the Mom 2.0 Summit blog.
  14. Do the dishes.
  15. Eat all the Sour Cream & Chives crackers so no one else can eat them while I'm gone, because if I came back from Atlanta and they were gone because someone else had eaten them I would go secretly ballistic inside my head.
  16. Meet via Skype with my co-speakers Titania JordanAna FloresChristine Koh, and Stacey Ferguson to make sure our Saturday, May 3rd session —  Hot Topics: What’s New? What’s Next? What’s Now? And What’s Most Important? — is all that.
  17. Breathe calmly and deeply.
  18. Welcome change.
  19. Remind myself that my case of Impostor Syndrome is partially a symptom of my being nervous about doing something that is important to me with people that I admire and not actually an indication that I am a fraud, because I am not, and I love this work.
  20. Find my passport!