Photo Album: Cats, Art, Brunch, and Tenderness

Do you watch Maru videos? I am fond of Maru, who, like most cats, cannot resist trying to sit in a box, even if that box is too small or narrow to fit more than his front feet inside it.

Here is Onion pretending he is doing a fine job of curling up inside a business cards shipping box. 

big cat, tiny box

Lula cuddled with me! This is remarkable, because she adores the Palinode and deems me to be less than useful. I am actually pretty touched when she crawls up on me and rubs against my cheek. Her general denial of my affection has made me weak.

Also, we have all had the flu over here for weeks, so I will take just about any non-painful experience I can get and inflate it to unwarranted levels of import. Life contracts to a small, claustrophobic thing when you can't leave your house and it hurts to sit up for 15 days.

Lula in a rare cuddle moment

The Dunlop Art Gallery at the  Regina Public Library has these giant banners above the front door depicting young boys and their relationship to football. The Dunlop apparently commissioned Daryl Vocat to create them for the Grey Cup.

I love these, particularly because they don't glorify football, which tends to happen in Regina. They show playful and complex childhood experiences that defy the typical machismo associated with the sport, and they give people the opportunity to look at boys with a broader scope.

banners at the Regina Public Library

We had brunch out in public, and the freedom of not being trapped under the flu for the first time in more than two weeks was brilliant. I liked my food, I liked the company of Prairie Dog writers, and I can watch Aidan nerd out over his new Fuji X100s all day.

Mike and Aidan look at a Fuji X100s

I woke up feeling great sadness this morning, because it's February, but then the Palinode brought me a hot cup of coffee in bed, and I gave myself time to read Twitter and let the steam tickle my nose. Sometimes that is all it takes to shake off psychic sludge.

Aidan brought me coffee in bed

Also, I am on the verge of announcing a couple of exciting projects that I've been working on, and I can't wait to tell you about them! I'm not going to tell you about them now, of course, because all good things come to those who wait, and I like the thrill of anticipation.

Soon, though. Soon.