Parts of Our World Are In Pretty Good Hands

This post was originally published in my weekly newsletter.

I haven't been doing my 10 Things I Liked Enough to Show You roundups over the last two weeks, and I skipped last week's newsletter. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to come here and throw my sadness and sense of futility up on all of you. The news has been too grim, and November's a bitch.

So I cut back on my news intake, took many deep breaths, and got on a plane to New York.

a view from BBH New York

It's not like I just get on planes to New York to flee my reality every time things get a little too real, although that would be a nice distraction if I could afford it. I went to New York on Tuesday to take part in GenderAvenger's annual meeting to figure out where we are, why we are, and where we're going. It turns out that it is incredibly therapeutic to sit in rooms full of powerful women with clear visions, hope for what comes next, and, most importantly, plans. Parts of our world are in some pretty good hands.

It's also incredibly therapeutic to eat beef tikka with Neil and wander Central Park with Jen and work out the various crosses we drag along with us, and it helped me remember that we are all bigger in many ways than we can ever fully realize.

Neil Kramer outside a restaurant window

I got back from New York after midnight last night. Saskatchewan's winter cold hit while I was gone, and it made coming home to Aidan and the kitty cats in our apartment feel that much warmer. It was quite Hallmark-card-y, which is a feeling I used to scoff at, but I was an idiot back then. We need soft-focus sweetness. 

The last couple of weeks made me feel like I'd been worn down to a fine, fragile sliver, but life does not stop, nothing is forever, and there are no done deals. I can let these realities make it all seem futile, and I did for a while, or I can read them for what they offer rather than what they take away: life continues, change is inevitable, and this too will pass.

In short, one way or another, things will eventually change, sometimes for the better, and there are decent people to help us get that done.