62/365: Order Apparatus


I bought a modular toiletries organizer system.
I picked it out to match my future perfect bathroom.
People who are not me
might look around while they pee in there and think,
This is one nice bathroom,
or It's a little matchy-matchy, but it looks good.
I, on the other hand, know quite well
that it's a strike out against death and chaos;
it's lawn maintenance;
it's an apparatus of order.
A cup for my tiny scissors
and another for my toothbrush
mean this will all work out —
the cancer won't come back,
his dad won't die,
and my life will wind itself out into a tidy narrative of success —
because I can find my tweezers.

I am writing one poem every day in 2016, and I am using the hashtag #365poems to document my progress.