15 Old-Fashioned Things I Really Did Before They Were Old-Fashioned

I am presently travelling by bus to a city three hours north, and it is blizzarding. In an effort to occupy myself with something other than the possibility that we will have to pull over and I will end up freezing to death in the arms of strangers who take the bus, I am compiling a list of things that make me feel old. 

I suck at self-soothing.


Old-Fashioned Things I Really Did Before They Were Old-Fashioned

  1. I spoke on a wall-mounted telephone
  2. with a video store clerk
  3. about fines I owed on an overdue VHS tape. 
  4. When we lit candles at church during our Christmas concert, we used disposable aluminum ashtrays from McDonald's to catch the wax drippings.
  5. I took a secretarial course the year after I graduated high school, and
  6. one of my secretarial exams was to make 100 identical copies on a Gestetner.
  7. A friend and I climbed trees without any adult supervision whatsoever, and then 
  8. we yelled into each other's ears through tin cans joined by a long piece of string.
  9. I made blanket forts in the back of a station wagon 
  10. while we were in motion and not wearing seatbelts.
  11. I spent most of a Saturday afternoon trying to get a solid recording of Katrina & the Waves' "Walking On Sunshine" from CKOM radio with my Radio Shack tape recorder,
  12. which was the perfect companion piece to Prince's "Little Red Corvette" on the mixtape I was making for my friend, Erin.
  13. When I became curious about the Falkland Islands, because of something to do with Monty Python I can't quite recall,
  14. I researched the Falkland Islands in my father's encyclopedias, which were 14 years out of date.
  15. My favourite part of going to the school library was the sweet, warm smell that rose when I shuffled through the drawers in the card catalogue.

I just realized that this entry describes me as scared and old. I should just tie an onion to my belt and be done with it.