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I Want a North Aware Smart Parka, and You WILL Want One, So We Need to Make This Happen

I Want a North Aware Smart Parka, and You WILL Want One, So We Need to Make This Happen

There's this great North Aware Smart Parka, see, and being a Canadian who lives in a place that gets pretty darn cold means that I can get pretty darn excited about a great parka. Software developer and now winter coat hacker Jamil Khan and his team have literally fixed problems I didn't think were fixable and managed to make my dream coat.

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I don't get excited about parkas very often, because there just aren't that many great parkas out there. I've tried on long ones and short ones and ones stuffed with feathers and ones that are just plain cloth that require extra thick sweaters underneath, but none of them have made me happy. Even ones that keep me warm leave me wanting, because I still have to haul around mittens and a scarf and a hat or earmuffs plus my bag, and if you've ever worn a true winter coat, you know it's a pain carrying a bag no matter if it's over-the-shoulder, cross body, or a backpack. These things just aren't a problem with the Smart Parka, though:

And this is why I agreed to become an Ambassador for North Aware's parka. The coat is not only warm, but it does everything we didn't even imagine coats could do but probably should have been doing ages ago, including being its own impressive storage facility so you can dump your awkward bag.

In short, I want one because…

  • It's water resistant.
  • It has a detachable hood with detachable fur, and you know what I love? You can ask for either real or synthetic fur.
  • It comes with gloves that zip inside the sleeves without adding extra bulk.
  • The gloves let you use your touchscreen devices while wearing them.
  • It's a longer coat or a shorter coat, because you can zip off the bottom portion for a shorter, lighter style.
  • It has a removable lining so it can be warm or extra warm, depending on the weather.
  • It has pockets for all your stuff, like your phone, glasses, keys, a tablet, and even a tracker tag, and these pockets exist on both the coat and its zip-in liner, so you won't be without pockets no matter how warm or cold it is.
  • There is even a hat pocket built into the hood.
  • It has a built-in scarf. A BUILT-IN SCARF.

I spend every winter losing several pairs of mittens, gloves, hats and scarves, wishing I didn't have to lug a bag around, but this coat makes it all better. I could keep all my winter gear and carry all my stuff.

So, either you want a North Aware Smart Parka now, too, or you love me enough to help this thing happen, or you want one and you love me (I'm batting my eyelashes at you)…

Here's how we make these coats happen…

Click here and go to the North Aware Kickstarter page. Then, click the green Back This Project button and donate anywhere from $1 on up to $5000. And that's it! They've got rewards even for smaller $5 donors, so it doesn't take much to help this project and get a bit in return.

If you give $20 or more and North Aware reaches their Kickstarter goal, rewards run from a Smart Parka knit cap up to 8 whole coats. I want 8 whole coats, but I don't want to be grabby.

In my dream world, I would be the Oprah of North Aware Smart Parkas shouting AND YOU GET A PARKA, AND YOU GET A PARKA, AND YOU GET A PARKA! But, sadly, I am not. At least this gets us part way there :)

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. Really. Because when I become an ambassador, it's because I mean it.

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