A New Set of Coloured Gel Pens Made My Morning. If Only I Could Eat Them.

I keep a bullet journal, so my love of all things pen and notebook is pretty stereotypical, which is how I explain this fourth set of coloured pens I couldn’t resist, a 14-piece set of Paper Mate InkJoy medium point retractable gel pens.

I’ve previously tried the Sharpie Ultra-Fine Point permanent markers, the Sharpie Fine Point pens, and the Japanese-imported Uni-ball Jetstream Color ballpoint pens. I was obsessed with waterproof ink and ballpoints for ages, as though I’ve got floods to worry about, but I’ve never been satisfied with the Sharpies or the coloured Jetstreams for writing. The Sharpies are generally better for drawing , and the colour Jetstreams imported from Japan are no match for smoothness of the wonderful black and blue ink Uni-ball Jetstreams you can buy in North America. If you think that all variations of the Jetstream pen are equal, you’ll be disappointed.

So, these Paper Mate InkJoys are beautiful. The ink dries fairly quickly, and it flows smoothly and evenly. With ballpoints, I usually prefer a 1.0mm nib, but these 0.7mm nibs write quite thickly, so I’m happier with them than I thought I’d be. The barrels match the ink colour, and they have transparent plastic windows on one side so you can see how much ink is in the pen, which I love, because I’m always checking my other pens to see how close I am to the end. The barrel grip, although only a subtle addition of indented dots, is enough along with the slightly textured surface of the pen and medium thickness of the barrel to offer a comfortable writing experience.

What really surprised me is the brightness and depth of the ink colours. Even the yellow is legible, which is an issue I’ve had with every other set of coloured pens.

The Paper Mate InkJoys are delicious-looking, and, I know this is pretty stupid, but I was fasting today when they came, and now I’m just too hungry to fast, so I’m diving into specialty cheeses and a plate of perogies. You just can’t eat pens.

No. You can’t. Stop thinking about it already.