I Wrote 30 Posts In 30 Days for #NaBloPoMo. Here Are the Best Five.

Melisa Wells made this fancy  badge .

Melisa Wells made this fancy badge.

I did it! I wrote a post for every day in November for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).

I honestly didn’t have high hopes for my ability to meet this goal this year, but I didn’t want to deprive myself of the opportunity to be surprising. I haven’t been that surprising lately, so I’m not turning down opportunities.

This month, my posts were community-nominated blog roundups, a mixtape, gratitude lists, a poem, and prose of all kinds. I was digging through all 30 of the November NaBloPoMo posts to see if I’d written anything decent while under quite a solid non-blog workload, and I realized they weren’t all the worst kind of terrible, so I picked out the best five for you.

It feels weird to call them the “best five”, because there’s no accounting for taste, and I’m judging my own work here, so your mileage may vary. But now I’m just complicating matters.

My Five Best from NaBloPoMo 2018

If you took part in NaBloPoMo, I’d like to see your best posts from the month. Nobody comments anymore, but whether you drop the links here, in my email, or on Twitter, it all works. You can also see who else took part in NaBloPoMo by checking out the hashtag on Twitter: #NaBloPoMo.

Now it’s back to my regularly scheduled, somewhat sparse programming. You’re welcome.