My Entertainment While Fluing

flu-ing (flo͞o-ing), v. -ed -s  1. existing while having the flu 2. conscious, mortal existence while having the flu; life while having the flu

Cold sores make for hotness.

Cold sores make for hotness.

Everybody knows it's true.

Everybody knows it's true.

There is a virus call "the flu". I rarely get it. I come down with every cold that comes through town, and I've even been known to have a rash or two — you want to avoid getting a strep infection in the skin on your face, trust me — but the flu and I rarely see each other. I think the last time I got the flu was about five years ago.

I made the mistake of saying "I almost never get the flu" on three separate occasions recently, though, and, as we all know, three is the magic number, so here we are, listening to me go on about how I have the flu. I am fluing.

While I have been fluing, I have been less than smart, so I have been falling down Cat Face holes:

and watching this He-Man/4 Non Blondes' "What's Up" mash-up repeatedly:

you can listen to that for 10-and-a-half hours straight if you like, but I'd recommend that about as much as I recommend that strep infection of the face —

and listening to the whole of Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" album as though it spiritually rotates at the same speed as the seed of this virus deep within me:

Also, sleeping. Sleep is divine, because it makes me forget about all the parts that hurt and that standing up makes me suspicious that my cartilage has been replaced with fine grain sandpaper. Whoever did that should have a cheese grater applied to the soft webbing between his toes.

And now I must flu some more. It's a demanding existence.

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