116/365: Love Knows Only Yesses

It is frightening to be seen,
have these words read,
be watched as the body ages,
inspire concern, even love.
It is more frightening still to see others,
read them,
watch them and their own loves become,
care for their wholeness.
It is a naked pain,
a spreadeagled out under wind and rain ache,
to feel their spirits shift and shake,
watch their eyes betray their words.
Since childhood,
I feel their faces over my own face,
wear and endure them,
the movement of their expressions,
how their eyes look inward.
It is an almost unknown fact
that we share each other's skin.
It is an intimate entanglement.
I can hide out for days,
pine lonely and protected,
guarded even in my own domain,
but love is a force with its own will.
It will drag each of us out
either on foot or by the hair.
Love sees doorways and windows.
Love knows only yesses.
Love believes.
Love hears only this:
Yes, I see you.
Yes, I watch for you.
Love hears simply:
Yes, I know you.
Yes, yes, yes.

I am writing one poem every day in 2016, and I am using the hashtag #365poems to document my progress.