Let Me Introduce You to the Mushrooms of Waskesiu While Dressed as a Bunny Rabbit

This is me, Elan Morgan, dressed up as a bunny rabbit at Prince Albert National Park's Nature Centre in Waskesiu.

This is me, Elan Morgan, as a bunny rabbit.

Let me show you some of Waskesiu's mushrooms.

I don't know what any of these mushrooms are called, and I know nothing about which ones are edible and which ones are poisonous, so I just pretend that they are all deadly and appreciate them from a safe distance behind my iPhone lens.

I half-expected smurfs or hobbits or gnomes to come sauntering along while I hovered six inches above the ground, because when you get down onto the forest floor, things start to look pretty spectacular.

There weren't any smurfs or hobbits or gnomes, though. What there were a lot of were surprise giant ants, beetles, spiders, wasps, and any other insectoid you can imagine with legs. You have no idea how much life is teeming on a forest floor until you decide to crawl around miles of it on your hands and knees to stalk mushrooms. 

Next time I do something that involves crawling around through ant hills and spider nests, though, I'm going to wear tighter clothing that doesn't allow a beetle to crawl up my leg and hide out in my underwear where I will find it later that night when I have to peel its flattened shell off my butt cheek.


Aidan tells me that some Asian dishes include cloud ear fungus, which grows on the sides of trees like the mushroom below. I wouldn't know, because I find most mushrooms revolting, even ones with great names like "cloud ear". Aidan will eat anything, though. I watched him eat a fish's eyeball once. After he peeled its face off. So he could eat its head.

But on a completely different, non-fish-eye-eating note, let's conclude this with high drama!

Behold! A mushroom upskirt shot!

The End.

PS. I comfort myself with the thought that I might not be the only person to ever google "venereal disease" and "beetle" together. 

PPS. Ladybugs are rife with sexually transmitted disease. Tsk tsk.