Let Me Introduce You to Kindred Cities, an Ongoing Showcase of Saskatchewan's Brilliant Creative and Activist Humans

I built the Kindred Cities site over the last week:

Kindred Cities is a community with a focus on celebrating and promoting creativity between Saskatchewan’s two largest cities: Saskatoon and Regina. We believe in the power of creativity to not only make our lives more beautiful and meaningful, but also as a quality to aid in the reimagining of a better world, free of the reign of oppressive traditions and systems.
Kindred Cities’ mission is to support and foster creativity in Saskatchewan by featuring artists and activists through portraits and interviews, and when possible, showcasing their work.

It took some doing, because the content had to be migrated to Squarespace from its original home on Tumblr, and Tumblr didn't let the images migrate over, and all of the text was set as captions for the broken images, but it got done. I have to admit that I mentally planted a victory flag when it was all over.

Saskatchewan has some brilliant creative and activist humans, and Kindred Cities does the good work of helping you get to know them. I am honoured that Jennifer Sparrowhawk came to me with this project and trusted me to help give it a face and a voice at kindredcities.net.  Help contribute to their GoFundMe!