It's My Birthday (in 45 days), and All I Want Is to Change the World With You and Heifer International

I am turning 42 on the 29th of December, and, aside from some very boring things like nicer pillows or someone with a truck to take away all the stuff I'm collecting in my dining room, there is nothing I want for my birthday, except for one great thing that you can help me with. 

I want you and I to do good things and change the world a little bit together. You know, nothing much. I want us to raise $1,764 through Heifer International to help people support themselves and feed their communities.

I arrived at $1,764 very scientifically by multiplying 42 years by 42 dollars, because 42 is a great number, but you can give $5 or $10 or however much you want to give to wish me a happy birthday and help people all over the world build self-reliant communities. It will bring hope, dignity, and sustainable work and food to families around the world. Heifer International has already helped more than 20.7 million families out of poverty, and with your support, they’ll be able to help even more.

And thank you for helping me make this birthday accomplish something more than just turning me into an old lady :)

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