I'm a Doodler Now That I've Taken Up Doodling

I don’t have an aptitude for drawing. At least that’s the story I tell myself.

a doodled pattern on a dot grid notebook page

But I’m sure that one day I could be someone with the ability to draw, so I took up doodling a few months ago. It’s less something most people take up and more something most people just do thoughtlessly while they’re on the phone, but I wasn’t even doing that much, so I took it up as way to relax my brain while taking actual coffee breaks — we at-home freelancers tend to forget things like taking breaks, holidays, and even proper weekends — and, as you can see, I’ve become very talented at connecting dots. My learning curve is more of a gentle slope, but my lines are straighter, so there’s that.

I could become the Kahlo of connect-the-dots, though. I mean, just look at my pattern-making. I’m pretty much a genius at this one very specific thing.

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