I Thought These Flowers Were Pink, But Then the Paint Peeled Off

I don't have flowers in the house very often, so when Aidan and I were given a small bouquet of pink flowers, I assumed we actually had pink flowers.

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After a couple of days, though, I started to notice they were turning white, which I thought meant it was time to change the water. 

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A couple of days after that, though, the cats got into them, and as I was pulling little strips of pink paint off their backs, I realized what was going on.

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These flowers aren't pink. They're white flowers painted pink!

I had no idea that this was a thing. I still love these flowers — thanks, Amber! — but I can't stop thinking about why the flower growers didn't just grow pink flowers in the first place, and is there a whole flower-painting factory that makes these counterfeit pink flowers, and what happened to all the flowers that are actually pink? What did the white flowers ever do to us?

Oh, the poor, unloved white flowers.