I started putting poetry on Instagram

I started putting poetry up on my Instagram. I have been craving writing poetry again, but I've been suffering deep insecurities about my writing, my perspective, and my general value in creative space. I'm sure many of you are intimately aware of the joys of impostor syndrome and how it can rob you of your joy and will to create. This is a boring thing to suffer. Can we do less and then whine about the made up reasons that we do less? Fun! Let's.

I'm not exactly sure why Instagram is the place for me to get over this. Maybe Instagram feels less serious? Like it's just pictures? Maybe nobody will see it, or, if they do, they'll be more forgiving if I'm terrible?

At any rate, I'm tired of being exhaustingly clichéd and producing less than I'd like to, and poetry is proving to be more fun when I also get to doodle and screenshot it in my iPhone's Notes app, so I am back on the metaphorical poetry horse.

And now I'm off to try my hand at another one, terrible or not, because nobody dies from bad poetry (except for me, metaphorically speaking).