I Designed RobertHilliker.com

Robert Hilliker and I met while we were working on another design project together, and he asked if I would also design his professional website, RoberHilliker.com, along with Jen Wilson, our trusty WordPress coder.

Robert is the co-founder of The Daring Way LLC with Dr. Brené Brown where he serves as Chief Clinical Officer, and he also continues to work with patients in private practice. I wanted to be able to capture his warmth and love of found and vintage objects while still making the site clearly about Robert's professional life, and he made this easy by bringing photos to the project that he'd had taken of his office. Luckily, he also has an eye for interiors, because his office is a beautiful space to show off.

I fell a bit in love with this armchair while I created his masthead, so I included an extra doodle of it to his website footer to keep a bit of his character right to the bottom of the page.

The blog portion remains empty right now, because time is something none of us has learned to build more of yet. Not that I'm trying to light fires under anyone. No, not at all :)

Thank you, Robert, for the opportunity to work with you on RobertHilliker.com and for the invitation, by photos at least, into your workspace. I obviously have to step up my office's game!