I Created Websites For Both Tangerine and Evolution Catering & Fine Foods

Restaurants are notorious for having terrible websites, and I have secretly been itching to dig into designing a restaurant site for some time, so I was thrilled to be able to work with Aimee Schulhauser here in Regina to create two websites, one for her restaurant, Tangerine, and the other for her catering business, Evolution Catering and Fine Foods.

I designed both sites within Squarespace 6, because it has excellent social integration and menu blocks specifically for use with restaurant websites. Both mastheads and other site images were photographed by Aidan Morgan, my husband and partner. I helped prop up food when I wasn't designing and coding.


Because the menus at Tangerine change on a daily basis, its website is built so that the menus can be easily updated, with past menus archived in a hidden blog where Aimee can still reference them.


Both tangerine.ca and ecff.ca have functional mobile versions so that customers can check the menus and find their location on the fly, because when approximately 21% of your traffic comes from mobile devices, you want your sites to work.

If you're in Regina and haven't eaten at Tangerine yet, go! I ate there all the time before Aimee and I even decided to work together, and I still do. I am a huge fan. 

breakfast done

How great is it to be able to build websites for a foodie whose tarts and soups keep me alive? Pretty damn great.