How To Tie a Wind- and Child-Resistant Scarf Knot In 5 Easy Steps

How To Tie a Wind- and Child-Resistant Scarf Knot In 5 Easy Steps

In Saskatchewan, the weather sometimes changes every five minutes, so I have a habit of carrying a scarf with me, even in the warmer months. Despite spending nearly four decades in this blessed area of the world, though, I never learned how to tie a scarf properly until I was in my late 30s.


I am often fashion challenged in this way. For instance, I once wore a rope for a belt for several months. It’s true. Luckily, I have been graced with a metrosexual husband who is wise in the way of belts and scarves and such.

Aidan generously schooled me in a fancy-looking but simple scarf-tying method that is good for a number of reasons:

  • it looks good whether it is tied up close to the neck or left to hang a little lower,
  • it never comes undone in the wind,
  • pulling on one end does not pull the knot tighter, so a good yank won't cause it to choke you,
  • the knot works well with both thinner and thicker scarves, and
  • although it looks more complex, it’s easy to tie after only a couple of trial runs.

How could I not pass this knowledge on to you?

1. Start, of course, with a scarf.

This knot should work well whether your scarf is thick or thin.

2. Make a loose circle in the middle of the scarf.

scarf tying 1.jpg

3. Cross the right side over the top of the circle.

scarf tying 2.jpg

4. Cross the left side over the top as you did with the right side.

5. Pull the top scarf layer through the space between the second layer and the original bottom scarf circle.

And, voilà! You have tied a wind- and child-resistant scarf knot!

So, now that you are armed with a spectacular scarf-tying method that makes you look like you know what you're doing, go out and be more fabulous! I know I have been.

The above entry's original version was published at Aiming Low in July 2011. 

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