How to Make Handwarmers (Fingerless Gloves) In 3 Steps, No Knitting Required

The heat is off in my building for some unknown reason, which I discovered when I found myself shivering and hoarding cats on my lap. I put on a sweater, fuzzy slippers, and a scarf, but I was still cold. What to do?

And then, while I was hunting through the sock drawer for another pair of socks, the following idea hit me, and it was A STROKE OF GENIUS.


Find a pair of thick socks you don't mind cutting up. I chose these grey wool numbers, because they're too itchy for my feet.

Cut off an inch or two from the tip of the toe.

Step Two

Cut a slit about half an inch long in from the outside middle of the heel.

Step Three

Pull it onto your hand, sticking your thumb through the slit you cut into the heel and your fingers through the hole where the toe used to be.

Fold over the extra length around your fingers down toward your hand.

And, voilà! You just made yourself a pair of handwarmers!

And I am toasty.