188/365: How the Hope Gets Back In

You feel done.
Your mind caves in,
forgetting the love in bearing witness,
but there's no time to borrow
for that bottom hollow of your heart
where it all falls out with the news,
so fast and ugly,
while friends' spirits break up against others' ruthless shores,
whittled and chipped down
each time that steady tide comes back,
but you know you have to look,
because this is what it is:
love calls on us to see.
This is why you open up that sore hollow of your heart.
This is why you choose to do it,
choose to pull it out again
and let that emptiness ask for more,
because that's how the hope gets in.
You bring that vessel out for others' hard, broken things
and the hope gets back in.

I am writing one poem every day in 2016, and I am using the hashtag #365poems to document my progress.