How I Became a GenderAvenger and Why You Should, Too

When Gina Glantz asked me if I would be interested in working on a design project called GenderAvenger with her, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought I was going to work with her to design a website with all its branding and messaging and social concerns like I have for many others, and then I would move on with a relationship based on ongoing support for things like design updates. You know, the usual.

How wrong I was, though, because with GenderAvenger, Gina Glantz and her amazing team of co-founders — including Susan Askew, Yonatan Kogan, Nicco Mele, Victoria Chao, and Diane Chang — have created a strong focus for change in public gender diversity. That's powerful, and it's not a movement I could walk away from, so now I am a not just the designer: I am a wholehearted co-founder. I have become a GenderAvenger! home

GenderAvenger is "a community dedicated to ensuring women are always a part of the public dialog." It is built on the belief that, as a community of both men and women, we all have a voice that is valuable, and that we can embolden and amplify our voices together. We can speak out together and, when necessary and called upon, for each other.

Are you going to a conference with an all-male speaking roster when you know there are available and worthy female voices in the field? Speak up. Tweet, facebook, and google-plus that issue with the #genderavenger hashtag so we can all hear you and make it heard. 

Need a voice that is recognized within a certain community to really get things moving? Ask for a GenderAvenger Pro's help! Because as a community we are powerful enough to create change. Halls of Fame and Shame

Normally, at this point in introducing my latest design work, I would simply ask you to check GenderAvenger out and then tell me how much you like it, because I like having my ego pet, but this time I am asking you to JOIN US.

Check out what we do, sign up to get our updates, and work with us to amplify the need for diversity in our public discourse. Proudly sport your affiliation with our GenderAvenger badge, share your story of working to increase gender diversity in public dialog, and nominate organizations for our Halls of Fame and Shame. As our motto goes: challenge it, change it, because women as equals will become the norm when it is the norm everywhere. Let me repeat that:

Women as equals will become the norm when it is the norm. Everywhere.

If you believe that we need to ensure the representation of women in public discourse, you're already a GenderAvenger in the making. Join us!