Gratitude Post 1093: Velour, a Happy Memory, Sun, Spicy Chicken, and the Sensuous World

  1. I am really happy that this deeply discounted velour sweatshirt I ordered online actually fits. Aidan will come around in time 😂

  2. This new velour sweatshirt brought back incredibly clear memories of my first velour shirt from when I was about four years old. It had wide yellow, orange, and brown stripes, and I loved it, because it me made look like a boy teddy bear. I had a round belly that stuck way out, and I liked to stroke it through the shirt like I was my own pet. Happy memories are golden.

  3. The sun shone yellow and nearly felt warm today as I walked around my neighbourhood. I forgot the thousand things I have to do for the first time in weeks and just revelled in being under an open, clear sky.

  4. Aidan cooked up a delicious pair of spicy chicken breasts tonight that continued to sizzle for a long time before I ate them. I would have eaten them immediately, but I had to listen to them pop and crack. The sound reminded me of the last embers of a campfire.

  5. The world is a sensuous place, and making space to drink it in should be a life requirement. I feel cleansed.

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