Gratitude List 1104: A Gorgeous View, Tiny Yellow Flowers, Tzatziki, Cameron Frye, and Making Things

  1. This gorgeous view of Wascana Lake is right in the middle of my city.

  2. I found a carpet of low-lying leafy plants with tiny yellow flowers, and I felt so blessed to witness it.

  3. Tzatziki. I could eat it on just about anything.

  4. My umpteenth rewatch of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off proves to me yet again that Cameron Frye is the best character in the movie. Yay for Cameron making me feel seen when I was a 15-year-old malcontent and yay for Netflix allowing me to wax nostalgic about being a 15-year-old malcontent.

  5. I was having a tough time creatively this week, I was completely wracked with self-doubt, and then I remembered that I can still make things while I’m feeling fear, so I made things. Here’s to re-learning old lessons fear would have me forget.

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