Gratitude List 1102: Leaves, Flowers, No Coat Weather, Pokémon GO, and Cheese

  1. The trees are finally almost full of leaves!

  2. The flowers are coming out now that the leaves have largely unfolded, and they are a damn revelation. I stood downwind from a flowering tree on Saturday and drank that amazingness in.

  3. Every time it’s nice enough for me to leave the house without a coat, I feel like I’ve forgotten something important, but when I figure out that it’s the coat I don’t need, I feel a lightness outside that I never feel in winter.

  4. I am grateful for the makers of Pokémon GO, because, even though the game feels mostly pointless and I make Aidan stop several times when we walk anywhere so I can battle at some gym or catch mons or exclaim about this new one I caught that is oh-my-god-so-cute, it’s had me pushing my physical limits more, and my endurance for long walks has increased over the last couple of months.

  5. Aged white cheddar.

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