Gratitude List 1101: A Coworker, a Musical World, Steady Work, a Trip, and Wandering for Hours

  1. Aidan and I are working on a project together, and we are luckily pretty good co-workers.

  2. For years, I’d lost my joy in music, but as I’ve been cultivating it back into my life with monthly playlists, I’m starting to feel its rhythm again. I’m hearing music everywhere in the world. It runs through old branches on windy days, crunches under the soles of my boots, and thrums out from the syncopated feet of people passing under singing birds.

  3. My freelance work remains steady as ever. I have worked hard at this, but I’ve also been pretty lucky.

  4. I get to visit New York again soon!

  5. I have been able to increase my weekly walking distance by literally 20 times what it was up until the end of January. I’ve had years of chronic pain and fatigue, and I seem to have turned a corner recently. Some days I wander for hours. It’s wonderful.

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