Gratitude List 1100: Lunch with Aidan, a Long Walk, Feeling Better, Ink, and Finding Supper

  1. I get to lunch with Aidan, a person who likes food as much as I do.

  2. I went for a long 3.5km/2.2m walk this afternoon, and it was glorious. It was the kind of day when people smile at each other on the street and the woman at the post office is helpful and a crow caws at you and the specialty coffee you treat yourself with is just right.

  3. My seasonal depression usually deepens in spring, but so far so good. For the first time in literally decades I’m feeling better than I did earlier in the year, and it’s not even June. Fingers crossed that this sticks around.

  4. Ink. Seriously. Ink in pens, ink in bottles, ink coming out of squids, ink in printers, ink as a descriptor for deeply dark things like the night.

  5. Neither Aidan nor I were in the mood to cook tonight, so it was fortuitous that I found a restaurant selling their frozen takeout dinners for 50% off on the way home. We got to be lazy and eat great food for cheap right out of our microwave.

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