Gratitude List 1099: Oskar's Calm, a Clean Home, a Physical Will, Greening Trees, and You

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  1. Oskar is an anxious old cat at 14, but he’s much better than he used to be. When he came to us in 2005, he was a mess. He'd obviously been abused, and he's never forgotten that there are scary people who could hurt him, so he's hypervigilant and roams around like shark. Recently, though, he’s had what until now were rare moments of calm. Old age is being kind to him. My sweet boy.

  2. Aidan and I have been working on getting our home in order. I woke up one day a while ago, and I suddenly didn’t feel quite so energetically depressed, so I started a major cleaning of our living room. And then it happened again the next day, and the next. I’m not sure exactly what’s afoot, but I’m enjoying our home now in ways I never have during our whole married life together.

  3. I have had different kinds of intersecting depression since I was a toddler. I never used to look at depression as having varieties that could intersect, but once I realized that that is how depression behaves in me, it became easier to break into more manageable pieces. I’ve been working on my energetic depression (aside from my emotional and spiritual depressions), and as I’ve changed my treatment of it, my energy has slowly increased. How I’ve been working on this is a matter for another post, but just know that after at least a decade (if not three) of energetic depression, I’m experiencing a physical will to make my mark in my home and in the world, and it’s incredible.

  4. Spring! The weather took an ugly dip over the weekend with cold weather and actual snow, but the trees are greening, and that’s what counts.

  5. I neglected my gratitude journalling for over two months until today, and I’m happy I’ve finally got it together. All of you who are here with me are the absolute bees knees.

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