Gratitude List 1098: Frost, Tea, Morning Light, a Broken Dishwasher, and a Corrected Heart

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  1. The hoar frost has gone away now, but it was one thing that made the deep freeze worth it. The frost was so beautiful, I frostbit my fingertips to catch images of it.

  2. I finally found some Red Rose Canadian Breakfast tea. It turned out to be the least remarkable tea I’ve found. Its flavour is bland, its colour is bland, and its aroma is… wait for it… bland, but there is something deeply soothing about it. It’s uncanny. I wonder if it’s the tea my maternal grandmother kept around, or at least a nearly identical variant.

  3. There is morning light to wake by. It’s a revelation every year.

  4. I swore I’d die if my dishwasher broke. Well, it broke, and I’m still breathing.

  5. My brother had an outpatient surgery on his heart yesterday, and he’s come through it! I mean, of course he did, because the statistics were highly in his favour, but it’s always nice when someone in my family doesn’t die of a heart issue.

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