Gratitude List 1097: Rest, Better Health, Leaving Facebook, Taking My Space Back, and an Old TV Show

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Augie sniffling the SAD light
  1. I’ve been getting a lot more sleep lately. I feel pulled to it early, go through a slow ritual of face-washing and teeth-brushing, slide under the covers, and sleep straight through until morning. I’ve had literal years of insomnia at times, so this is surprising and feels somewhat miraculous.

  2. I’ve been down with the flu for days, but today I’m finally starting to feel some energy.

  3. I’ve been off my personal Facebook profile for one week, and the extra time and mental space I have is so, so good. I worried over this decision for literally years, but now that I’ve made the leap, it has been much easier with much less FOMO than expected. I thought I would experience loss, but so far I’m gaining much more.

  4. In many small ways, I’m figuring how to take my space back, both physically and mentally, and I’m grateful for the myriad positive influences that have led me here. I’ve cut down on social media, I’m paring down my clothing and cleaning ignored parts of my home, and I’m trying to share of my time more mindfully.

  5. Can I be grateful for old tv shows? Because I found the original seasons of Will & Grace, and they’ve been great company while I’ve been doped up on flu medication.

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