Gratitude List 1096: Augie, Leaving Facebook, Food Access, Music, and Flannel Sheets

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Augie sniffling the SAD light
Augie sitting with the SAD light
  1. Augie likes the SAD light as much as I do. It’s nice to have a buddy to remind me to pull it out regularly.

  2. Yesterday was my last day with an active personal profile on Facebook. I have a whole community of people there that I’ve been connected to since my earliest blogging days. Leaving means I will lose touch with a decade of connections, and I will no longer be able to include Facebook work in the deck of skills I get paid for, but, even so, being free of the time and stress that Facebook causes will be so good.

  3. I have access to fresh greens and fruits. Couple that with my blender and I feel unstoppable (aside from my A&W mozza burger addiction, that is).

  4. After a year of consciously making new music a part of my every day, my brain has come around to loving it again the way I did when I was a kid. It somehow became lost to me — I suspect it was the fallout from a broken heart — but I’ve found it again, and now I sniff out new music everywhere I go. It’s like I learned to hear again.

  5. Aidan found our flannel sheets, and I can live in bed if I want to.

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