Gratitude List 1094: Feeling Reinvigorated, Fresh Sheets, Palak Paneer, New Music, and Coffee with a Friend

a top-down view of a white and tabby kitty curled up on the bed
  1. I was hit with some kind of virus that made me feel weak and like my bones were very poorly slung together on Friday, and it carried through the weekend, but I woke up today feeling re-invigorated. I’m lucky considering how hard the flu has hit so many people I know this year.

  2. I got a new set of deep grey sheets, paired them with a fresh duvet cover, and felt positively decadent while I recuperated.

  3. Have I told you how marvellous palak paneer is? Because I love palak paneer.

  4. I made an effort to bring more music and more varied music into my life in 2018, which I made a habit of by creating monthly mixtapes. I had lost my enjoyment of new music for a long time, but my ears have been retrained to taste sound like good food again. It’s injected more joy into my life.

  5. I’m meeting a friend for coffee this afternoon. It’s been a while, and I’m looking forward to hearing her stories.

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