Gratitude List 1092: A Pen, Blogging, Freelancing, Financial Decisions, and a Power Outage

my hand holding my new Cross X graphite grey pen
  1. Due to a series of kind of unfortunate but not so bad shipping events that meant Aidan got all his Christmas presents already, he decided to give me one of mine, a gorgeous Cross X pen. It’s thick, medium weight, and has delightful design that I’ll write more about later. Fancy office supplies are the way to my heart.

  2. I heard yet another person ring that old blogging-is-dead bell, and it made me feel giddy. First, because that’s a ridiculous thing to say, since not being a dominant medium does not make a medium “dead”, and, second, because it’s really freeing to write for far less people than I used to.

  3. My workload is ridiculous right now, but it is also really enjoyable, so I’m getting to do a lot of stuff I enjoy a lot of the time, which is making freelancing feel pretty sweet.

  4. I have made two good financial decisions inside of one week. The mention of finances normally sends me reeling, so this is a sizeable mountain I’m moving, and it feels good.

  5. The power was out for most of the day here, but luckily it was neither too cold nor too windy, so I was able to keep warm and snuggly in bed with a few cats and some hot coffee Aidan brought home for me.

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